Asters Recycled Sterling Cuff Bracelet with Haiku Poem

Item Description

This solid recycled sterling silver anticlastic cuff bracelet fits a medium wrist but can be adjusted for smaller or larger wrists. It features my exclusive abstract asters pattern which was created with hand drawings from my sketchbook in addition to a drawing I did with scratchboard technique. On the inside is a haiku poem that I wrote. In my hikes of the Niagara region, I was very captivated by these clusters of daisy like flowers that pop up when all the other flowers are beginning to fade. I didn't realize what they were, but one day I began a sketch of one after my mom had given me my dad's horticulture magazines. I then realized they were the same flower that I was so drawn to while hiking and along the roadsides of my childhood home. They are a magical and beautiful flower, but also maybe for me they speak to the hope of extending a season, a moment, a time, a life... or the hope and promise of being a late bloomer. The wonders of asters go back in history and they are very revered by many.

Bright purple asters
lighting up the forest floor,
painting late summer once more.

Width: 2cm, 1mm thick. This is a made-to-order item. No two are exactly alike because the pattern is a seamless design, there may be differences in how it is applied to the silver.

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