Just completed a Surface Pattern Design Class

I just finished up a Surface Pattern Design Class with "The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design." Very Inspirational!

I am scheduled to do Module 2 in April, 2015. In the meantime, I am doing another online pattern design course with Bonnie Christine. I have been involved in designing patterns for a while now, including designing several facial tissue boxes for Solaris Paper, Inc. and my paisley designs have been successful sellers, in which they were done completely on the computer in Adobe Illustrator. Right now I am focusing on developing simple hand drawn icons that can be used to then create patterns on the computer. It is a bit different way of working, and has been great getting back into the basics of sketching. While working on these classes, I put together a pattern inspiration board that you can follow on Pinterest. The second and third portions of the class will be focusing on the business side regarding licensing, but for right now, I am enjoying playing with pattern and experimenting more for both jewelry and graphics projects.


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Nice post.

Nice post.

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