Working on New Jewelry Line for Spring/Summer 2023


Janice Art Jewelry has been busy working on a new line for Spring/Summer 2023...

Asters and Amethysts.

Based on my drawings of asters, I created a pattern that will be the focus of most of the pieces. Through my hikes in the Carolinian forests of my childhood, I discovered that am drawn to how these late bloomers fill the forest floor, while summer flowers are losing their color and autumn yellows are just appearing. For me it gives a sense of hope to see these delicate beauties pop up and reveal themselves. Known as a symbol of love and wisdom, the Ancient Greeks used these purple flowers for worship, as they believed asters were created from the "tears of God."

Amethysts also have a long history and were revered in ancient times. The Egyptians and Romans both used amethysts in their jewelry as protection and Renaissance soldiers wore them in battle.

Each piece of this line will be made with recycled silver and many feature 14k green gold which is an alloy of gold and silver. All metals used are from recycled sources and the amethysts are ethically sourced. You can follow my journey of making on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for my email newsletter to see when items become available.


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